Saturday, January 29, 2011


I recently signed up for an Etsy account.  For those who don't know what Etsy is, here's a short definition.  It's a site on which people can sell the things they create or the supplies needed to do so.  I found out about Etsy from the View when Joy was spouting forth the wonders of her daughter.  I then went and checked it out.  I was skeptical, so it took me three years to finally sign up. 

I have a wide range of interests and think I might have something to showcase on the Etsy site.  I am an artist by nature and photography is my muse.  I live and love photography.  I could take and edit photos all day. O love to take pictures of all the things God has created. I love fashion but can't sew worth a lick, but I continued my keen eye into designing jewelry.  For as long as I can remember I have had an ongoing and constant obsession with make-up and face products.  Lip Balm being the most prolific in my collection.  I have my favorites, and ones that I would love to like.  The problem with these?  They tend to give me a headache or some other annoyance that makes me look but not touch.  My solution?  Create my own lip balms.  I get to make them whatever I want them to be.  I've gotten pretty darn good at lip balm and am branching out to other great all natural face products.  Those have yet to prove be as good as my lip balms, but practice does make perfect.  Just in case there are people who read this, I am putting a link to my sparsely populated store on Etsy. Keep in mind I only started it five days ago.