Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Influenster Naturals Vox Box 2012

It's been a little over a year since I signed up with Influenster, and thing couldn't be going better. It's free service that lets you take surveys and then if your qualify you get a box of goodies to test, for FREE!  This is my fourth box and I have to say, I love everything in it.  Here's a picture of what I got (cat not included.)

Since this is an open box video, I'm just going to skim over the products I got.  I can tell just from my first glance there are a couple that I'm going to love, keep your eyes peeled those those reviews.

LypSyl™ Intense Protection LypMoisturizer: this is one of those love products I mentioned.  I love lip balms, and even though I make my own, I'm always on the lookout for new and improved versions.  I love the packaging, and from what I can tell, it's minty, which it awesome.  Peppermint is by far my favorite flavor for a lip balm.  In fact, when I make my own balms, that's my go to flavor.  

-GEODEO Deodorant: is another product I've wanted to try forever.  There are so many bad things in regular deodorant, that I wanted to find a better dare I say natural solution.  I've looked at recipes and haven't been able to find any that were really up to snuff, so I jump at the chance to test a good natural deodorant.

-Desert Essence Coconut Shine & Refine Lotion: I can't tell you the times I wanted something to put in my hair and it's been a hot mess of tangles afterwards.  I did try this one, and first off, the smell is amazing.  It's coconut in all it's glory, and the feel it great.  It left my hair and hands smooth ans soft.  I can't wait to use this more and do a full review on it.  I can tell it's going to be a rave.

-The Original Dish Drying Mat: I don't do the dishes in my house, but I will have the dish washer use this.  

-The samples, there was a immune system booster drink Eboost, a natural sweetener Nectresse, and a handy wipe of sorts Clean Well.  I haven't gotten the chance to use these, but I look forward to it.