Friday, March 29, 2013

Wednesday by Indigo Bananas

*Sent to me for the purpose of review

I came across Indigo Bananas while search Etsy late at night.  It's a dangerous habit, but it's also really fun. I contacted them and the lovely owner Andrea let me pick out a color.  Since I'm obsessed with color shifting polish I picked Wednesday.  A gorgeous darkened base with shifting that goes from purple to gold.  I honestly have never seen this kind of color shift in a polish before.
Even in the sun you can see a little shift in the bottle.
This was taken in natural light so no color shift is showing on my nails. I used two coats over noting on all my fingers with the exception of my ring finger which is one coat over Quoth the Raven, My go to black.
The first of the water shots
My fingers are in water in this photo so you can see the amazing shift.  You can see purple, yellow, and orangey gold.

Application was perfect and I was surprised it covered in two coats.

I took my fingers out of the water and in this light you can still see some shift.  

You can even see a water drop on my nail.

Overall, this polish was great to work with and easy to remove.  I really do love the purple to gold shift, it's not something you see very often.  

I was sent this polish for review, and all opinions are my own.  

Interested in Indigo Bananas? Check out their Facebook, Etsy, and Website.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sorry boys! I'm soooo changeable!

*Made by me

This week I was going through my polishes and came up with a few favorites that not only needed new pictures for their listings, but that I wanted to blog about.  They are my favorites after all.  So, I have So Changeable from my Baker Street collection.
Probably my favorite label out of all of my collections
I'll be honest it's been months since I wore this last.  So long in fact that I misplaced my bottle and had to make a new one.  My Sherlock obsession knows no bounds and I think Moriarty is one of the best villians ever.

This color is a deep blue reminiscent of Moriarty's Westwood suit, it also has blue micro glitters and color shifting that goes from blue to purple.  As with all shifting polishes, you can't capture the gorgeousness.

I did three coats to get full coverage.  The first coat was a little streaky, but the second and third evened it all out.

I do love a good dark blue color.  I think it's my nail polish weakness. I can never have enough blue nail polishes.

So Changeable can be found here and right now you can get your entire order half off with the code CUPID.

Playing Truth or Dare with The Wife

*Purchased by me.

Way back in February I bought Urban Lacquer's The Wife.  Sadly, you can't get The Wife anymore since it was a Valentine's Day polish.  The reason it's taken so long to for me to get this up?  I was trying to find the perfect undies.  I wore her alone, but even at four coats it was sheer.  I wore her over Sally Hansen's Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, but wasn't happy with the results.  So I searched for the right color.  That color was Sinful Colors Truth or Dare.

It's a bit darker base than The Wife, but that's what I wanted.  Without further ado...

Even with three coats of Truth or Dare it was sheer enough to show nail line.  I love these kinds of colors, but why can't there be one that's really opaque?

I'm so in love with the shimmer in this polish.  In the sun it looks silver, but it changes to gold, and maybe even a little green.  It's a real statement maker.

As previously mentioned The Wife is tad sheer, but honestly I love it.  I'm a sucker for pinks and megentas.

You can find Urban Lacquer on Etsy, and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I bought this polish with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Where Do You Want to Start?

*Gifted by a friend.

For over a year I have been wanting some Nerd Lacquer polishes.  At first I didn't have the money and then when I did, she was gone.  Then they started popping up in sales, but for way more than any polish should go for.  Then came the news that Nerd Lacquer was coming back, you can't imagine my joy at hearing this.  Sadly, I found out about her restock after everything had sold out.

Cut to about a week later a customer of mine contacted me about a polish she didn't want, and knowing I was a Doctor Who fan, she thought I might like it.  When it was said and done I had Don't Blink and All of Time and Space coming in the mail.  I was and am beyond excited.

That brings me to today. I have All of Time and Space to show you.  I know it's been reviewed over and over again, but when a polish is this good you can't help but give it more love.
Major Fangirl Moment
When I found out I was getting this color the noise that came out my mouth wasn't human, and to top it off, I had to explain said noise to a room full of relative strangers.
A bit truer to color
AoTaS is a springy green color that depending on the light can lean towards blue.  It also hase silver micro glitter, fuchsia micro glitter, small fuchsia hexes, medium silver hexes, and even some small iridescent hexes.  Which was a huge happy surprise.
Check out my fancy new watermark
I got this polish used, but even after months of sitting and questionable suspension base application was perfect.  I did notice it took forever to dry when I swatched it on my nail wheels, but I'm sure her current suspension base is better.

I did three coats, but it could have used a fourth.  That might be just my nails though, lately it seems that my nail line wants to be seen at all cost.  I love that the green is slightly shimmery and that when it's layered over the silver glitter it makes them look white.

I have wanted this color for over a year, that's even before I knew what Doctor Who was.  Now that I know, getting this polish is even more special.

I know I love this polish, but what do you think?  

All of Time and Space can be found here.

Glitter Guilty

*Purchased by me.

Hello, readers! Today I've got a cute little indie brand called Glitter Guilty.  What makes this brand unique? They have a monthly subscription.  I never got into the monthly boxes, as much as I wanted to.  Then I discovered Glitter Guilty.  You get a full size polish in a color scheme you choose, a mini of the month, and a truffle. How cool is that.  Polish and candy!
Please excuse my early morning photography. :)
This is my second month with Glitter Guilty.  I've chosen to go on a month to month basis, but it is cheaper to buy a few months at a time.  Each month costs 15.99 and has free shipping, and if you do choose to go the full subscription route, you can cancel anytime.  I like that in a company.

Last month when I ordered my March box I mentioned I wanted something blue or pink.  This polish is the perfect answer to that.  Espionage (perfect name) is a blue polish that color shifts from blur to purple and even to pink.  I seriously think the owner of Glitter Guilty read my mind.  She's sneaky like that :D
My photography cannot do this color justice
This mani used three coats of Espionage and application was perfect.  I added a coat of top coat because I really don't like matte nails.

As I'm sitting here I keep looking at my nails for inspiration and I keep getting distracted.  That's how sucked into this polish I am, but it might also be my color of all things color shift.

This month's mini was a St. Patrick's Day themed polish call Rock Road to Dublin.  I used it as an accent nail with Espionage. Kind of an unexpected combo, but I think it worked.

As you can see, it's a green based glitter bomb.  I think this would look great over so many different colors.  I did three coats on top of Espionage and it was completely opaque.  I love the hints of red and gold.  So cute.

You may be wondering why I didn't do a review of February's box, when there's a good reason for that.  Glitter Guilt was getting a new website and revamping the monthly program.  So I thought I would include my February polish in this review as well. 
May I present to you Cyance of Deduction
This is a gorgeous teal color that shimmers like none other.  Some of the shimmer is pink, and some is teal.  It's such a unique polish, and again it was like she read my mind.  This color is such a good fit into my collection.

This polish was opaque in two coats, but I did a third to even it out, and smooth it out.

I just can't get enough of this polishes. Jessica really knows how to pick a color.  Jessica and I were chatting today and she's come up with a referral plan.  If you refer to two people to her site, she'll send you a little something.  Who doesn't love freebies?

Overall, I've been nothing but pleased with the service and the polish.  I can't wait to see what I get in April's box.

Go check out Glitter Guilty on Facebook, Etsy, and their fancy new Website.

Mentality Innocence

*Purchased by me.

So, there's really no excuse for my blogging absence.  Life got in the way and I broke three nails.

I've already done the review for Mentality's Holo topcoat and I loved it.  I couldn't wait to try something with a bit more coverage.  I bought this at the same time I bout the Holo topcoat, and if you'd like to read my review follow the link.

Innocence is a gorgeous bright blue with blue shimmer that sometimes shows purple shimmer. I'm a sucker for blue and as soon as I saw this color I knew it had to be mine.
This picture is pretty spot on for color.
Can you see why I LOVE this color?  It's stunning.  Me Gusta.  Application was great this was two coats with a coat of topcoat.  It did try a little matte, but that's easily fixed.

I have tons of blue polish, but I've never come across a color like this.  That's one of the things I love about Indie brands, they create colors that no one else has.

All of these photos were taken in full sun, a rare thing this time of year.  I think this polish will be great for Spring and Summer when neon like colors are all the rage.

I wore this polish for three days, and had no staining.  I love it when I have such a bright color and it doesn't stain.

Overall, this polish was a dream to work with, and I can't wait to try more from Mentality.  I just want to mention again that I bought this polish with my own money, and that all opinions are my own.

You can find Mentality on Facebook, Etsy, and their own store

A Study in Polish

*Sent for the purpose of review.

I was trolling through Google Search results for Sherlock themes nail polish, and came across A Study in Polish.  She makes fandom related polishes, and started with Sherlock and The Hobbit.  I know I make fandom related polishes too, but there's enough room for many interpretations.  I was honored that I was sent two of these Sherlock themed beauties to review.

First up Consulting Detective:
Totally adorable labels. (Said in Moriarty's voice, of course)
This was the first color of hers that caught my eye.  I'm transitioning into a purple phase.

I love a good bottom of the bottle shot.

I did three coats no undies on all but my ring finger.  For that, I used one coat of Quoth the Raven and one coat of Consulting Detective.

I love the gold, hexes with the purple.  It really makes it pop.  This polish has gold and blue hexes as well as gold micro glitter.  You don't notice the shimmery micro glitter at first, but when you do, it's gorgeous.

Application was great and so was coverage.  I could have gone with two coats, but I like to add a third for various reasons.

Consulting Detective is a winner in my book, and it helps that it's the color of the Purple Shirt of Sex.

On to Not Our Division:

This polish should be Lestrudel oops, I mean Lestrade's division.  It's gorgeous.

Loving this color, but again, I'm partial to blues.

Not Our Division was opaque in just two coats, but the photos show three over no undies on all the nails.

Look at all the blue jelly goodness!

This polish has blue and silver hexes of various sizes and even the tiniest of micro holographic shimmer.  I was wearing this polish for several hours before I even noticed the holographic shimmer.  Talk about a nice surprise.

Overall, both of these polishes were great.  They were both a tiny bit thick, but nothing I couldn't work with.  Surprisingly they both dried relatively smooth. I added a coat of Seche, and after it dried, I couldn't feel any glitter bumps. Which is great because I'm a compulsive glitter picker.

You can find A Study in Polish here, and go check out her great colors.

Disclaimer: I was sent these to review, but all opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review, and I'm not affiliated with the BBC, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or any of the Sherlock team.