Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love VoxBox

Several months ago I signed up for a sample program called Influenster.  You earn badges based on what you like and how you live your life.  Then they choose to sent you a box of products to sample and review.  I have received a total of three Vox boxes and have not been disappointed.  Also, the Influenster program is FREE!

The most recent one is the Love Vox Box.  It features from great products, and here's a video so you can see what I got in my Vox Box.  Influenster sent me these products free for the purpose of review.

I have since used or eaten all of the products mentioned in the video, and here are a few things I have to say. First off that of the five products in the box I loved four of them.

-The Stash tea sampler was exquisite, you couldn't ask for better flavors.  When used in conjunction with the Truvia sweetener it's even better.  I think my favorite flavor is the peppermint, but I also love the general fruitiness of the teas.  I don't normally like fruity teas, but this sampler has given them new life.  The Truvia as mentioned before is awesome.  It's even better than sugar when it comes to sweetness, and it's just about as healthy as you can get for a zero calorie sweetener.Visit Truvia here:

-The Ghirardelli chocolate was divine, much like it's name.  It don't really like a strong chocolate flavor, so this was perfect.  It was a great pick me up for the dreary day we had when I got my box.

-I tried my new razor today as well.  I finally remembered to put it in the shower.  I couldn't even tell I was shaving, it was so smooth and easy to use.  After just one use, I'm in love.  I thought there could be no better razor than my Shick Intuition, but this Venus proved me wrong.  I love it, and will be buying more cartridges when this one runs out.

-The last product in the box were the Kiss nail strips, I'm guessing that they were riding the high from the Sally Hansen nail strips. When I got these I hadn't tried either brand, but I really wanted to give them a try.  They were fairly easy to apply and they looked cute, but they came off way too easily.  There was no way I could have kept them on for the ten days claimed on the box. I love the patterns and the color available, but I just can't see these working as a long term manicure.  I think they would be a great quick fix if you needed a pop for a night out.

So, that's what I have to say about my most recent Vox Box.