Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Anne Kathleen Golden Fields Collection

*Sent for the purpose of review.

I'm not really a big St. Patrick's Day person, but this collection is working it magic on me.  It's a set of five colors all based around beautiful greens and golds.  All five are stand out colors and I think you'll see why. This is a shorter post as while I was loading photos a bunch of the ones for this post got deleted.

Firstly, I have Tigris. A gorgeous shimmery green with gold flakies.  Pictures cannot do this color justice.  You need to see it on your nails and in the sun. I am in love with this color.  It's almost neon, and those golden flakies. Swoon worthy, I tell you. I did two coats on it's own and got full coverage, and I can't wait to try this color again.

I'm not normally a gold fan, but Kiera has won me over.  It's a deeper gold that just screams luxury.  This color is like butter it's so smooth and shimmery.  It's another color that you have to see to believe.  Once again, this is two coats on it's own without a top coat.

Fidelma is a different color it's shimmery and glittery, but in a different way.  You can see gold, green, and even some silver shimmer along with pale green glitters.  I didn't know what color to pair it with, so I went neutral.  I put one coat over a deep chocolate brown.  I just love the way this looks.

Cait is another glittery topper that befuddled me as to pairing options.  So, I went with nude and love the look.  It's like I'm not wearing undies, but I totally am. Kinda cheeky. This is one coat over a nude creme, and I love it.  I think this might be a new favorite way to wear glitter polish.

Lastly, but not leastly (not a word) I have Ailis.  A forest green jelly with small gold holographic glitters.  I love the way this looks, such a squishy jelly sandwich. I used two coats for full opacity, and I love this look.

The Golden Fields collection was released on the first and as far as I know will be limited edition.  Which is your favorite color form the collection?

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