Monday, November 10, 2014

The Body Shop: Holiday Scents

*Nothing to Disclose

The Holiday scents are here! Nothing makes me more excited that discovering when Holiday collections are released. That being said there are several posts I'm planning for the month of November all about Holiday goodies.

Today I have a couple of The Body Shop's offerings. It was actually the Holiday scents that got me hooked on The Body Shop to begin with, and I haven't looked back since.  I have two sets today and both are priced at 15 dollars. One contains three one ounce hand creams and the other three mini sized body butters. 

First off the formula of both products is out of this world. I've been a fan of both their body butters and hand creams for ages. I like that they recently came out with smaller hand creams. It's much easier to carry one around if its smaller.

As for the scents they're festive, but not spicy. I like the spicier scents like the spiced vanilla they had a few years ago. It was amazing. This year we have Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brulee, and Frosted Cranberry. The apple and cranberry are very fruity and nice, but the vanilla is the real winner in my opinion. It smells so similar to their other vanilla scents. I love it. 

Both sets come in cute packaging, but before I could get photos of it my dog ran away with the box to the body butters. He loves to steal paper. 

I think these are both great stocking stuffers or even stand alone gifts for someone on a budget. As someone on a budget myself I'll be buying more to give to people on my Christmas lists.

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