Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delete It!

I have some sad news to report to all my devoted followers, of which there are none.  I have deleted my Flickr account.  I hadn't uploaded anything since September, and it costs 25 dollars a year.  I know not a huge expense spread out over a year, but to me it's a pretty big sum to come up with at one time.

I am the proverbial starving artist.  Okay, so I am no where near starving, but you get the point.  There just aren't any actual jobs for artists, hence the etsy account (lynbdesigns.etsy.com).

In more interesting photo news, I found a site that has super cheap print and enlargement prices.  It's 10 bucks for a 20x30 enlargement.  How awesome is that?  I can't wait to find some great shots to enlarge and list on etsy.

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