Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Second Winter

In Michigan we're having a bit of a second Winter, and I couldn't be happier.  I love Winter, having grown up in the UP I've missed snow in mid-April for years.  A couple of years there was even snow on my birthday.  The year my brother graduated from High School, my Grandpa saw ice floating in lake Superior and asked if there was something wrong with the lake.  We told him it was ice, and he refused to admit that it could be.  Those were the days.  Sadly, now that I live in the Lower Peninsula people have a differing opinion of Winter.  It's like they forget that this is Michigan, and a snow fall of two inches is something to get worked up about.  There is also a good portion of people who hate Winter, that's just something that bothers me.  Complaining about it isn't going to make it go away.  Sorry about the rant, it was building all Winter long and it finally came to a breaking point.

All of my ranting being said, there are a few reasons I want it to be Spring.  After doing to some Etsy window shopping I found these great kitschy spray painted picture frames and sconces.  I fell in love with them, but not so much the price.  I then set out on a quest to make my own for a fraction of the price.  It took me about a month to finally get the spray paint.  (I found it all at a local Amish store for a buck fifty a can). Then came the frames and sconces which I finished up getting a good batch today at my local thrift stores.  Now that I have all the ingredients so to speak, I need for the weather to get up to at least fifty degrees.  Sadly it's not anywhere near fifty right now.  It's looking like I have to wait until Easter Sunday to get my spray painting fix.

Another reason I want Spring to get here is that I am moving, not very far, to my Grandmother's old house.  She used to live with us in an apartment we made from our garage.  She died this past year, and the space has just been gathering junk since June.  The space is great, and I am totally excited about moving out there.  One problem, not nearly enough closet space, my solution an almost 60 square foot closet.  We have all the materials, but since it's snowing and cold, we can't cut the drywall or the lumber needed.

A third reason, and probably the most obvious, is flowers.  Some of my favorite photographic subjects are flowers.  They're always beautiful, and never talk back.

So all in all, this post turned into a bit of a diatribe on Winter and Spring.  It felt good to get it all out, and if you're reading this, thank you for putting up with it.

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