Monday, May 27, 2013

Not Too Polished- Skeeter

*Provided for the purpose of review

Today I have a polish based on a not so much loved Harry Potter character.  I've never met a Harry Potter fan that loved Rita Skeeter.  She just has an acidic personality.

Her polish on the other hand is a different story, while it perfectly captures everything that is Rita Skeeter it also is pretty and very easy to work with.

I consider this base to be slightly on the mauve side of pink.  It's still a very pink base, but there's a dinginess to it.

I love the varying green glitters, if I were to make a polish based on Rita Skeeter I would use a very similar glitter palette.  I love the acid green color small holo hexes, it's the perfect match for her quill.  

I did three coats of this beauty and had no issues with glitter placement or coverage. Which is saying something because my nails can be stubborn when it comes to full coverage.

Overall, this polish was a dream to work with. In fact, all of the Not Too Polished colors are easy to work with.  

You can find Rita Skeeter on Etsy, and Not Too Polished on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was sent this polish for the purpose of review and all opinions are my own.

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