Saturday, October 5, 2013

All Holo's Eve Halloween Limited Edition Polish

I'm sad to say that this post will be my last one until the middle of November.  I recently started a new job and I'm planning my trip to Chicago.  All of that combined together doesn't leave much time to blog.  Now onto the polish fun.

Yes, I did it again.  I made another LE polish.  I was so impressed with how well Fluffy Pumpkin went over that I wanted to make a new one.  I was hit with the need to start decorating for Halloween and so I wanted to make a polish for Halloween.  All Holo's Eve is a gorgeous medium bluey purple flake polish that has flashes of pink (hard to photograph) and intense linear holographic.  I'm in love with this color that I've worn it three times.  That's a big deal for me.

Sadly, there are only two pictures I can show of this beauty.  I wanted to take more during day, but my nails broke that night.  I've had a recent bad experience with some cuticle oil I won.  I've had five nails break in the last two weeks. So not fun...

Can you see the holo in this polish?  It's scrumptious, and although you can't see it there's a pink shimmer that's to die for.   I used three coats, but it was really opaque in just two.

All Holo's Eve will be released on October 11th at noon EST, and there will be a giveaway post to go along with the release.  There will only be 30 numbered full sized bottles released, and they'll cost 10 dollars plus shipping.


  1. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure that you have to wait for Friday to sell it??!!! I'm LOVING this color and want to have it NOW!!!!!!! It has all my favs in it and now I'll have to be stalking your store on Friday!!! (How about a bribe? Would you take a small bribe? How about a big bribe? I'm not too proud to beg!!!!)


  2. Love this!! Need this!! Are you going to be in the city or suburbs? I'm up here! Hopefully the weather cooperates. :-)

    1. I'm going to be right in the city. I'm getting really excited.