Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spectrum Cosmetics

 *Purchased with my own money

I'm back! I didn't think I was going to have time with my new job and vacation planning, but I did. So yay!

Since it's October and the time of Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to get this post up and running.   It's Spectrum Cosmetic's Sleepy Hollow themed collection, and I know that when I think of Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod Crane that Halloween comes to mind.  Actually, Johnny Depp also comes to mind, but that's a whole other story.

There are six colors in the collection of which I have three.  The three I picked are all shimmery polishes and all equally stunning.


I love this green, olive like but metallic and shimmery with a hint of grey.  It's complex and irresistible.  I did three coats although two coats would have been sufficient for full coverage. There was one small issue. When I went to apply Ichabod for the first time, it came out with some pigment lumps.  I added a couple mixing balls, gave it a good shake, and all seemed well.

Shattered Pumpkin-

There are no words for how intense this orange is.  It's flaming, it's so hot. As soon as Spectrum put up a photo of this collection I knew I had to have this color, I'm not usually one for an orange, but Shattered Pumpkin is out of this world.  I again did three thinnish coats.  The formula on this polish was a bit thick as well as also having a few pigment clumps.  I used a little thinner and some balls and got the issues straightened out. 

Headless Horseman-

This color is a bit of a mystery to me.  It looks like it could be a deep brown base, but it also could be black. Either way, the bronze shimmer in this is to die for.  This polish to me is Fall. It's leaves falling from trees, wrapping up in a blanket to read a good book, sitting down with a gigantic cup of tea.  All good things. Headless Horseman was opaque in just two coats, and didn't have the slight issues the other two colors had. 

These three colors are now staples in my Autumn nail polish collection, and I can honestly say that I didn't have a single color like them.  I urge you to go check out Spectrum Cosmetics on Etsy or on facebook.  

*Disclaimer: I bought all three polishes with my own money and all opinions given are my own.

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