Friday, January 17, 2014

Mentality Mattes

*Purchased for the purpose of review with my own money.

I'm going to make an effort to get back into blogging mode.  I've had a nice break, but honestly, I've missed this.  It gave me a place to write about something I love and not bore my family with all of my nail polish talk. They're still pretty bored by it, but this does help.

Today, I have two polishes from Mentality Polish.  What I love about them as a brand is that they make really great colors that are affordable and still unique. First off I have Tempest, which is a gorgeous deep red/burgundy color.

I had to show you what this looks like with top coat.  It's stunning, and oh so shimmery.  The top coat bring out all the depth of shimmer and maybe even a little magic.

Tempest was opaque in two easy coats and was a dream to wear.  I'm not usually a matte polish fan, but this was great.  It wasn't too matte, and could easily be changed with a top coat.

I also have Virginia, a light blue frosty shade that has hints of green.

I added topcoat to this one as well, but wasn't as impressed with the appearance.

Virginia gave me a little trouble.  It was a bit thick, and didn't dry properly.  I've never had this issue with Mentality before, so I'm pretty sure it was just fluke.  I was able to get full opacity in just two coats, and a nice shine with topcoat.  It just doesn't photograph as well, as Tempest.

Overall, these polishes were a dream to work with and I can't wait to try more from their brand.  You can fine them on Facebook, and at their Big Cartel Store.

I bought these with my own money and all opinions are my own.


  1. Try a couple drops of thinner to Virginia, and see if that helps with application. She should have the same formula as the rest of our mattes, so I agree, likely a fluke.

  2. Beautiful swatches of a really great brand! I love that you can get two looks out of the same polish depending on whether or not it is top-coated; or do subtle nail art by my stamping or dotting a top coat over the regular matte finish. :)

  3. I gave Virginia as a gift to my mom, her name is Virginia, and I loved it so much I have one for myself, too. Mine applies just fine. I like it better matte. ;) Tempest is a knock-out TC'd.