Saturday, February 1, 2014

How I Store My Nail Polish

*Not really sure how to label this one as there are some that were sent to me for review, I was gifted some, and of course I bought a ton of them.

It seems likes eons ago that I got the request for this post, but in reality it was only two weeks. When I came up with this idea I had wanted to get polish racks to hang on my walls, but I figured out that I needed seven to hold the majority of my collection and I just couldn't handle that cost.  In fact, I still can't handle that cost and I don't have that much wall space.  My solution was to use what I had and buy a cheap bookshelf from Walmart.  The total cost of my project was 16 dollars plus gas.

Here's a general overview of my bookshelf situation:

Top shelf: Indies separated into swatched on the left and unswatched on the right.  I know it's really technical.
Second Shelf: Mainstream polishes that are more expensive. OPI, China Glaze, Essie, butter London, and some others that I can't remember.
Third Shelf: These are all my store's prototypes and retired colors.  I had the photo boxes already and just put my polishes in there.  
Bottom Shelf: Books, these are overflow from my three other bookshelves in my room.  I love books as much as I love my polish.

As you can see, the bookshelf isn't really made to hold the weight of all of the polishes. When I got my bookshelf I wanted a way to store more polishes on each shelf and still have them be seen.  My solution small flat rate boxes.  I've used a mixture of recycled ones and new ones, and the best part is, they're free and easily re used for their original purpose.  For the first tier I taped them together with the short sides facing out.  For the second tier I taped them with the long edge facing out.  It created the perfect steps for my display and let me store a bunch more polish.

On my top shelf I used shelf gripper to hold the polishes in place as my Oscar likes to hop up on shelf and into the window above. He still knocks them over and when he knocks a bunch over I take it as a sign that I need to reorganize.  As you can see, these are my indies. They're not sorted more than into swatched and unswatched, and as I look at the photo I can see a couple that Oscar must have knocked over and they got put back by someone who didn't know they were already swatched.  Such is life.

For my last photo I have my most conventional storage option.  My Rite Aid was upgrading to a new Sinful Colors display and gave me this one.  It helped that I went to school with the manager's son. This is reserved to my cheap polishes and ones that I don't have a lot of.  The entire top shelf is Sinful Colors.  I can't help it, they're cheap, but really nice quality.  As you can see, I have room to grow.  Yay for that!

So, that's how I store my polishes.  If you see any you'd like me to blog about let me know. The wall color is Embellished Blue by Behr, just in case you were wondering.

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  1. That's a good idea! I need a holder for my (not many) polishes, and hadn't considered using a bookshelf with boxes. Thanks!