Monday, February 3, 2014

Nail Rock Caviar

*Sent with my January Birch Box

Who's up for some hard to find, but easy to use caviar nail polish?  I know I am! Okay, not really, but on with the show.

I was a bit dubious of this when I got it in my Birch Box last month. I like the color well enough, but that caviar.  Ugh. I decided that I wanted to try new textures with my polishes this year and gave it a go. These are my results.

So a word about the color, it's a great green called Neptune Green.  I was afraid it would stain, so I used a couple base coats and took it off as soon as I was done swatching.  I didn't want to take any chances.  I get a bit paranoid about nail staining.

I have to admit, they did a great job of pairing colors for this.  I love the pink and teal beads for the caviar effect. It's easy to do, you just stick your wet nail in the little pot of beads provided. After you've done that you press the beads into your nail and you can even top it with a top coat.  I'll admit, I failed to read the instructions, so I didn't press the beads into the polish.  Even though I had a total directions fail, I knew I didn't like the beads.

I wish there were a way to get the look of caviar nails without the caviar aspect.  I love the mottled tiny dots look of my accent nail, but I can't stand the texture.  I'm getting better I can wear a liquid sand or pixie dust type polish like nobody's business, but after five minutes I was picking these beads off my nail.
I tried to find more information about Nail Rock, but everywhere I looked I came up dry.  Their website wouldn't load and nothing was working.  That made me a little upset.  If you're going to put a product into a sample box like Birch Box, it would be nice if there were accurate information given.  I don't think that's asking too much.  That being said, it could just be my internet connection, Lord knows it's not the best.  

Here's what I've found about this product. You can find it on the Birch Box website, and you can try your hand at loading their website.


  1. i'm the same way. i don't mind a textured polish, though i only own a couple (it's definitely not my go-to, but it's fine sometimes).. yeah i'd be picking the beads off too. that sucks that the website and info wasn't working. but i DO like those colors, and your right.. i think the effect of the beads is cool!

  2. Ditto on all counts. I like the way the caviar looks, can't stand all that bumpy on my nails. Also, I'm also so paranoid about nail staining that I've resorted to buying one of the gel nails kits... I use the base gel as my base coat if I think a color is going to stain. It works, I've never had a stainy color actually get through the gel, but there's a lot of extra work getting the color off.

  3. I like a textured nail and all, but I would think those would start popping off early on. I hate when my polish starts chipping and fraying, so as soon as the beads started coming off, I'd probably pick at them. I think, given we're all in agreement, we need to find some way collectively to make that 'caviar look without caviar texture' a reality.

  4. I got this in my Birch Box also, but the velvet variety. When I was at Walmart last week, I saw that they carry it!

    1. Really? That's cool. I guess I just need to keep my eyes peeled for it at my Walmart.