Monday, September 29, 2014

Forever 21: A Haul

*Purchased by me

I've been wanting to try Forever 21 makeup for ages. I just needed to find the right catalyst to give me the push I needed. I came across an adorable cat palette on Facebook and I knew it had to be mine. Once I got to the magical bargain filled site I went a bit nuts. I can't get over the packaging. First the cat palette, so cute. I can't. Then the floral packaging on the six pan palette is drool-worthy. So much so that I left it in tact.  I have it in a little shrine that I've made for beautiful packaging. Yeah, I'm that kind of weird.

I got three eye shadow palettes, a face palette, a blush, a vanilla lip scrub (yum!), a moisturizing lipstick, a super gorgeous velvet lip gloss, and to top it all off a Barbie makeup bag. I can't tell you how much I love that makeup bag. As soon as I was done with these photos I dumped out my other makeup bag and put my essentials in the Barbie bag. I let out a little squee when I opened it.

I have plans to review a couple items from this collection and will post more info in there. I just wanted to share all the goodies that I got.  I can honestly say that this will not be my last Forever 21 purchase. 


  1. You should know that I just placed an order. I blame which, of course, I mean thank you. ;)