Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Literary Lacquers Gift of the Magi

*Provided for the Purpose of Review

Here's part two of my Literary Lacquers review. If you missed part one, check it out here.

There are no words to describe how happy I was to get these polishes.  I love the Good Parts collection, but Gift of the Magi was the first collection I wanted from Amy. Not only that, she sent me two of my lemmings to review.  How awesome is that?

First up, Generosity and Love:

Described as a navy color with purple duo chrome I was in love. When I put it on, there was a surprise.  It's not just a duo chrome, it's a color shift.  No picture can do this polish justice.  

Look it's a water shot.  I tried to capture the color shift, but really to no avail.  You can kind of see the purple coming through.  I tried this polish on it's own, but it was quite sheer even with three coats.  This manicure is two coats over Quoth the Raven. 

In normal light it appears mostly blue, and then in other lights it's purple.  I was laying in bed watching Doctor Who and looked at my nails and in that light, it was the brightest teal.  So pretty.  I love polishes that surprise.

There's some of the purple.  Application was great, I had no problems with dry time. 

Come to me, my holographic beauty!  I'm in love with this color.  It's holo, it's coraly, and it's awesome. From the moment I saw this, I needed it in my life. 

This polish was dream to work with, and went on like butter.  I used three coats, which on normal nails would be opaque, but my nails are stubborn. 

Every time I wear a holographic polish nature decides to be cloudy, but have no fear reader.  Greatest Treasures is super holo, even with the clouds.  Take that, nature!

Let's all just take a moment to enjoy the juicy coral color, shall we?

Lastly, Bright Spirit:

Bright and sparkly, what's not to love.  This polish is a sheer aqua base loaded with iridescent and white glitters, and shimmer.  SO MUCH SHIMMER. 

I used two coats over Rimmel London's Mintalicious.  Since Bright Spirit is tinted, it worked to morph the minty green into the perfect color.  

I love that this is such a springy color.  I want spring to be here, like now.  Application was great, and so smooth.  No drying or texture issues.  Even though this was a glitter, it was smooth with one coat of topcoat. 

I'm loving the different sizes of iridescent glitters.  So cute.

Overall, these polishes were great.  Other than opacity issues, they were problem free.  Amy doesn't disappoint.

You can find Literary Lacquers on Facebook and Etsy.

Disclaimer: I was sent these to review and all opinions are my own.

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