Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Starlight and Sparkles

*Provided for the purpose of review.

I came across this store on Etsy and fell in love.  I LOVE duo chromes and multi chromes so much.  It's my main love in nail polish.  When Issa at Starlight and Sparkles agreed to send me a little something, I was thrilled.  Little did I know, she would send me 5 gorgeous top coats to try.

The first three are from the same set.  Phoenix, Dragon, and Unicorn.  These are all pretty awesome multi-chromes, so there will be some water shots.

First up Dragon:

So, for the first shot, it's rather unassuming.  Nice green with a hint of orange, right?

You can see a but more orange in this picture, and even some yellow. All very dragony colors.  I used two coats of Dragon over one coat of Quoth the Raven. 

And BAM! Did you expect that?  Blue and aqua hidden in there too.  Thank you water shot for bringing out the awesome.

Just one more water shot for fun.  I'm loving those hidden colors.  This polish was such a surprise, and a treat to work with.  Obviously, it's meant as a top coat.  I can see it working over so MANY different colors.

Next up, Phoenix:

At first, Phoenix reminded my of a clear based version of the much duped polish Fantasy Fire.  Which is good, I mean I have four different versions for a reason. But there was so much more in store.

Gorgeous, and again, two coats over black.  I think black is the best way to display all the colors.

How can you not fall in love with a color when it does that? I mean really, stunning! 

And here's one that shows off more green and aqua tones.  I gotta say, I'm loving using water shots.  

Lastly for this set Unicorn:

Of the first three polishes, this is my baby.  I see a full size bottle of it in my future, but again, I'm a sucker for blues and greens.

A SUN shot! It was fleeting, and I kept wishing it would come back.  It didn't. Again, this is two coats over black. 

So, I saw this flash of color while sitting on the couch.  I then spent the next ten minutes slowly flailing my hands to try and get it back.  I may have flipped out a bit when I saw it in the water.

Here it is, showing its full spectrum of awesome.

You can buy these three individually, or in a set, found here.

Another good aqua bluey color.  Not as spectacular in the duo chrome department.

I do love the watery shimmer that this polish has, and think it would look smashing over a dark blue.  This is again, two coats over black.

There is a slight shift in color, but not enough to warrant water shots.  

Lastly, Splash Dream:

This one didn't photo well.  I think it might have something to do with the location.  I took this in my office.  The others I took in my dining room.  I don't know what it is, but the window in there has some magic polish powers.

The pink shimmer is intense, but it looks watered down here.  This is two coats over black.

This was taken in the dining room, post water shots.  You see what I mean? Magical Polish Powers.

And there's the money shot. How fantastic is this?  Who knew all those colors were hiding in there.

Overall, all of these polishes were a dream to work with.  Not an issue in the bunch.  

You can find Starlight and Sparkles on Etsy. Her polishes vary in price depending on what set you're ordering from. 

Disclaimer: I was sent these for the purpose of review, and all opinions are my own.