Sunday, June 30, 2013

Butter LONDON Part One: The Cremes

*Purchased by me.

Well hello there.  It's time for another of my late night blog posts.  I do my best blogging between the hours of three and six in the morning.  Not too good for the sleep schedule, but when you have insomnia what else is there to do.

I have three gorgeous Butter Londons to show off today, and a few more in the next few days.  I may have gone a bit nuts with the Friends and Family discount code.

Brummie is a gorgeous bright purple creme, and I knew I had to have it as soon as I laid my eyes on it.  I went to Ulta and they didn't have it.  I had settled myself to have to wait, and suddenly, there was s discount code.

The pictures just don't show up as bright as this polish is in person.  I had only seen it online and was blown away by the brightness when I opened my box.  I was thrilled. I used three coats and got full coverage. Brummie has a pink undertone which I love. It's so different from amy of my other purples.

Slapper, my dear Slapper.  I had wanted this color for well over a year, and I've finally got it.  It's a very bright yellow toned blue, but not so yellow that I can't wear it.  I first heard about it while watching a YouTube video and set out on a search to find a cheaper dupe, long story short.  There aren't any that I can find.

Coverage on this was magnificent.  I only used two coats and got full coverage, which with my nails is amazing.  And even better, there's no staining.  I have run into so many different bright blues that stain like crazy, I was about to swear off wearing them. My photos on Slapper show up quite blue, but in real life there a touch more green.

Cake-Hole is a super bright almost neon pink creme and there isn't a camera on earth that can capture this color properly.  My camera looked at me with disdain when I showed it another neon. All I can say is I love wearing neon polish and making neon polish, but in order for my business to work my camera has to cooperate too.  So, we've come to an agreement.  I can wear and create all the neons I want as long as I don't take any photos.  The camera wins again!

This was the most stubborn of the three.  I love a good pink creme, but they tend to be a bit sheer on my nails.  I used three coats, and in certain lights and angles you can see my nail lines.  It won't stop me from wearing though.  

All three of these colors are amazing and perfect for Summer.  I can't wait to wear Brummie and Cake-Hole on my toes.  If it weren't almost 5 in the morning, I would be painting my toes right now. If you know Butter London you know they're pricey.  15 bucks a pop, but they do have discount codes to from time to time.  To stay up to day follow then on Facebook.

*Disclaimer- I bought all of these with my own money and am not being compensated in anyway.  I'm just a fan.

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