Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish

*Purchased by Me

I Lilac You:


I'm a big advocate for pastels colors in fall. I think they can add a pop to your outfit like no other. That being said it's tricky to get a pastel creme polish to behave. I've had several experiences with streaky messes, which are never fun. I found these beauties at Walmart a few months ago and knew right then and there that I needed them. 

They're both from the Rimmel London's 60 second line. One is a yummy mint and the other a light lilac color. Both have great coverage in two coats, but being the stickler that I am I used three. Since buying these I've picked up about five more colors from the range including a gorgeous teal. 

There are two things about these polishes that really get me excited. First of all the price. They're 1.50 each. One one hand you can buy a few, but on the other hand you can buy ALL of them. The other thing I love about them is the color range. For the most part they're all creme finishes, but there are a few that are shimmery. I can't wait to go and pick out a few more. 

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  1. I have a couple of these polishes, and they're really great! I wish they had a bigger range though, I want MORE!