Monday, February 11, 2013

Mentality Holo Topcoat

I've wanted a holo topcoat for months, but never wanted to spend a ton.  Enter Mentality, they're inexpensive and make great polish.  What more can a girl ask for?
Are you weak in the knees yet?
Oh let me count the ways that I love this polish.  So many good things.  Now I can turn any polish into an amazing holo masterpiece.  Can you tell I love holo polishes?  
All the holo prettiness.
This manicure is three coats of Funky Fingers Pop Artist and one coat of Mentality Holo.  The Funky Fingers while gorgeous didn't cover the way I wanted it to.  It was a little sheer even in three coats.  You'll see that in later pics.  The Holo on the other hand is stunning.  There are no bad things I can say.  The application is amazing, the effect is stunning, and the cost is budget friendly.
Actual Sunlight! Oh Happy Day, Mama.
A mentioned the cost.  Mentality's polishes all have shipping worked into the cost, which is amazing.  They are also reasonably priced.  This baby, only 7 dollars.  They have also made it a point to always have polishes in stock, no restocks, or flash openings. As a fellow indie maker, I really appreciate that they're putting forth the effort to have a fully stocked store.
See what I mean... A little VNL.
After wearing this polish over hot pink, I realized I wasn't done.  I wanted to wear it with ALL THE COLORS. So, here it is, over black.
My camera chose to interpret holo as blur.
So, this manicure is two coats of Quoth the Raven found here and one coat of holo.  The above picture was taken on a rather cloudy day, and you can still see the awesomeness.
So pretty
Overall, there are no bad things I can say about this polish.  I am so pleased with it, that I might have to buy another for when this one runs out.  
One more for fun
Mentality has a facebook page that can be found here. An Etsy store that can be found here. Also, they have a Big Catrel store that can be found here.

What do you think of Mentality? Have you tried any of their polishes?

Disclaimer: I purchased this polish with my own money and all opinions are my own.


  1. Love this top coat use it all the time!

  2. Wow so pretty! It looks gorgeous over everything <3

  3. Nice! Does it work as a top coat on it's own, or does it need a quick dry tc also?