Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Its Inconceivable!

I do love glitter polishes, but sometimes big glitters dive me nuts.  That's one of the many reasons I love Its Inconceivable.  This is another polish form my Dweam Wiffim a Dweam collection and it's one of those unique polishes that can be used as a topper and a full coverage glitter. 
Ooh the sparkle!
I chose to wear it over a yet to be named dark green that I'm testing for future release,  My ring finger features two coats while the rest just feature one.  I really wanted to showcase that this can be worn either way.  I wanted some of the green to show through, so I kept it at one.
Again with the sparkle.
My camera seems to really not like the color green.  It used to be pinks, but it's moved onto green.  So, I apologize if these look a little washed out.  Its Inconceivable features pink, blue, red, silver, aqua, and green metallic glitters.  I wanted it to be a celebration of all things inconceivable.  
I apologize for my sad cuticles...
You can find It's Inconceivable here, and right now I have a sale running.  Everything is 25% off with the code FLASHY and all my full size polishes are buy two get a third free.  I was feeling super festive.
I'm mesmerized by the sparkle.
I made this polish, but I'm being objective, so all opinions are honest.

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  1. Love the glitter - I should, as I've ordered some.

    Not sold on the dark green under it, but I'll wait to see it swatched on it's own.