Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Lips

I've never really been a fan of lipstick.  I much prefer a gloss or a balm.  That being said, I've been eyeing up this Etsy store for months.  The Petite Threla makes all natural face and body products, and she has a really great philosophy behind what she does. You can read all about her here.

I ordered four Lip Glacés just to try them out. I had been looking for a new lip product that was more than a balm, but not quite a gloss.  I hadn't found anything good in the drug stores, so I turned to Etsy.
Look at the fancy tubes! 
You can clearly see the four flavors I chose, but I should mention I'm very partial to the Earl Grey and the Peppermint.  When I got them I was somewhat expecting them to be lip standard lip balms that are sweet and highly flavored.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They aren't sweet at all, and the scent isn't over powering.  When it comes to smells, I do worry a little because one sniff of the wrong one and it's an instant headache for me.

Shipping was fast and customer service was amazing.  I even got a free sample a rose scented face mask that I can't wait to try. 

Now on to the review!

Peppermint Candy-

I loves me some mint.
I know it looks imposing in the tube, but it's far from it.  The reality is that it's a sheer wash of color.  This one is reddish with just a hint of brown and some shimmer.  Not my usual color, but surprisingly gorgeous on my lips.

Macro shot to show color.

Nice and Summery
This one was the most disappointing in the smell category.  It didn't seem to have one, not that that's a bad thing. Again, this has an imposing color, but sheers out to a nice bright orange tinted red with shimmer. I do wish it had a little more color on, but that might just be my pigmented lips.
Macro for the color
I love Pink Grapefruit
This smells fantastic.  I love grapefruit scented things, and this did not disappoint.  It did however lack color.  I tried applying this in anyway I could think of, and there just wasn't any color.  It was a sad moment, but it was short lived.  Even if there's no color payoff, its still a great balm, with an even better scent.  The color on this is supposed to be a bright pink with just a little shimmer.
Again, Macro color shot
Earl Grey-
It makes me feel all sorts of proper.
This wound up being my favorite by far.  I love Earl Grey tea, which this smells just like.  I also love the color.  It's the perfect pink with golden shimmer.  It did apply quite sheer, but you can see it on your lips.  The scent might be an acquired taste, but I think it's one worth having. I used to HATE Earl Grey tea, but after trying several different versions, I found one that I can't live without.
Love this color
Overall, these are all great and I would love to try more of her products.  Her prices are reasonable, and I always love supporting fellow indie businesses.

Check out her Etsy store here, and her Facebook page here. She even had a website.

Let me know what you guys think if you've already tried some of her products.


  1. I haven't tried them yet but I likey! Thanks for sharing a new-to-me indie maker :) I'll have to check out her shop for sure!

  2. I have to stop myself from buying more. There are so many awesome things in her store.

  3. Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary (on etsy) has some really nice smelling and tasting lip butters, plus a few (3?) tints. The darkest tint is close to Clinque's Black Honey, and the middle one is pretty neutral on me. I forget the exact names.

    Plus, the butters, they work as quick fixes for dry cuticles if you have a sudden meeting or something.