Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sorry boys! I'm soooo changeable!

*Made by me

This week I was going through my polishes and came up with a few favorites that not only needed new pictures for their listings, but that I wanted to blog about.  They are my favorites after all.  So, I have So Changeable from my Baker Street collection.
Probably my favorite label out of all of my collections
I'll be honest it's been months since I wore this last.  So long in fact that I misplaced my bottle and had to make a new one.  My Sherlock obsession knows no bounds and I think Moriarty is one of the best villians ever.

This color is a deep blue reminiscent of Moriarty's Westwood suit, it also has blue micro glitters and color shifting that goes from blue to purple.  As with all shifting polishes, you can't capture the gorgeousness.

I did three coats to get full coverage.  The first coat was a little streaky, but the second and third evened it all out.

I do love a good dark blue color.  I think it's my nail polish weakness. I can never have enough blue nail polishes.

So Changeable can be found here and right now you can get your entire order half off with the code CUPID.