Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glitter Guilty

*Purchased by me.

Hello, readers! Today I've got a cute little indie brand called Glitter Guilty.  What makes this brand unique? They have a monthly subscription.  I never got into the monthly boxes, as much as I wanted to.  Then I discovered Glitter Guilty.  You get a full size polish in a color scheme you choose, a mini of the month, and a truffle. How cool is that.  Polish and candy!
Please excuse my early morning photography. :)
This is my second month with Glitter Guilty.  I've chosen to go on a month to month basis, but it is cheaper to buy a few months at a time.  Each month costs 15.99 and has free shipping, and if you do choose to go the full subscription route, you can cancel anytime.  I like that in a company.

Last month when I ordered my March box I mentioned I wanted something blue or pink.  This polish is the perfect answer to that.  Espionage (perfect name) is a blue polish that color shifts from blur to purple and even to pink.  I seriously think the owner of Glitter Guilty read my mind.  She's sneaky like that :D
My photography cannot do this color justice
This mani used three coats of Espionage and application was perfect.  I added a coat of top coat because I really don't like matte nails.

As I'm sitting here I keep looking at my nails for inspiration and I keep getting distracted.  That's how sucked into this polish I am, but it might also be my color of all things color shift.

This month's mini was a St. Patrick's Day themed polish call Rock Road to Dublin.  I used it as an accent nail with Espionage. Kind of an unexpected combo, but I think it worked.

As you can see, it's a green based glitter bomb.  I think this would look great over so many different colors.  I did three coats on top of Espionage and it was completely opaque.  I love the hints of red and gold.  So cute.

You may be wondering why I didn't do a review of February's box, when there's a good reason for that.  Glitter Guilt was getting a new website and revamping the monthly program.  So I thought I would include my February polish in this review as well. 
May I present to you Cyance of Deduction
This is a gorgeous teal color that shimmers like none other.  Some of the shimmer is pink, and some is teal.  It's such a unique polish, and again it was like she read my mind.  This color is such a good fit into my collection.

This polish was opaque in two coats, but I did a third to even it out, and smooth it out.

I just can't get enough of this polishes. Jessica really knows how to pick a color.  Jessica and I were chatting today and she's come up with a referral plan.  If you refer to two people to her site, she'll send you a little something.  Who doesn't love freebies?

Overall, I've been nothing but pleased with the service and the polish.  I can't wait to see what I get in April's box.

Go check out Glitter Guilty on Facebook, Etsy, and their fancy new Website.


  1. I know, no picture can do it justice.

  2. Just what I need, MORE nail polish :) I've gone and signed up.