Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colors By Llarowe

*Purchased with my own money

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about this line.  I've loved shopping at Llarowe for the better part of two years, and I knew that someone who loved nail polish as much as she did would eventually make her own line.  I'm prophetic like that... Okay not really, I can't predict the future.  I'm not even sure I would want to predict the future. If I could predict the future I would know what Moffat was planning for series three of Sherlock and the next series of Doctor Who.  But I'm not, so back to the polish. There isn't a shade in her line that I wouldn't love to wear.  I have three colors for you today, and I can't wait to try more.

Ebony and Emeralds is a black based polish with green to gold color shift.  It's a stunning but subtle polish.  It took two coats to get full opacity and dried with a slightly matte texture.  It doesn't matter how many colors I have that have this particular shift in them, I will always buy more.  I'm not normally one to wear black polish on it's own, but the shimmer makes it perfect. Just the right amount of interesting.

I love this spring green color and add in that it's a linear holographic and I'm done.  This color is swoon worthy.  This gorgeous green is called Young Grasshoppa and is a bright green jelly base  It is a bit sheer on it's own, and even with five coats wasn't fully opaque. I added a coat or two of a green creme and topped it off with two coats of this linear shimmer.

Purple Rain is just the vampy color I needed in my life.  It's a plummy purple jelly base with tons of purple blue shimmer.  It was opaque in two coats and stunning.  There is a bit of a smell to it that lingers.  I'm not sure if it was just my bottle or if all of them have the smell, but it's not horrible.  And honestly, who goes around sniffing their finger nails?

I was very pleased with all three shades from the collection.  I can't wait until she's restocked and I can try some more.  As far as restocks go, I haven't heard when she's going to have one.  You can subscribe to get emails on the Llarowe website and there's a list of launch dates there as well.  I was browsing her site and noticed that the only one of these polishes that was listed (even though it was out of stock) was Purple Rain.  I'm not sure if that means that the other two are not coming back or not.

You can find Llarowe on Facebook and their website.  In addition to selling her own line, she has quite the collection of indies and international polishes.  It's really worth a look. 

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