Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fluffy Pumpkin

*Made by me

I love fall, and can't believe it's finally here.  At least for the time being. I've created a color that will be perfect for fall.  It's a stunning pumpkin orange with linear holo and scattered orange holo glitter.  I've called it Fluffy Pumpkin and it's a limited edition polish.  What does limited edition mean? There are only 25 bottles of Fluffy Pumpkin ever made. My release date in September 13th 2013. Yep, tomorrow!

Look at that sexy holographic macro shot.  This color is Falltastic.

Fluffy Pumpkin reaches full opacity in three coats and dries to a slightly textured finish. I've added a coat of top coat for extra shine and sparkle.  When it's listed it will be 10 dollars a bottle, and won't be going on sale.  I plan on listing tomorrow at noon EST. 

If money is a little tight you can enter two giveaway for a chance to win a bottle of Fluffy Pumpkin.

My 2000 likes giveaway:

The Good Witch of the Midwest's 500 likes giveaway:


  1. Love this shade of orange! Sooo pretty and fall-like <3

  2. What I like about fall is the foliage,the weather, the fresh apples, and fall fairs.