Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Too Polished Halloween in Hogsmeade

*Swapped for the purpose of review

As I lay here in bed, not sleeping, but really enjoying that it's only 30 degrees outside.  I was struck by the Halloween bug.  I've been seeing candy and costumes for weeks and wish it were closer.  Luckily, I have this gorgeous collection by Not Too Polished that combines two of my favorite things.  Harry Potter and Halloween.  The Halloween in Hogsmeade collection consists of six colors that are all to die for.  I saw this collection and knew I had to have it, sadly I'm on a no buy until I get back from Chicago.  I was lamenting this to Elizabeth from Not Too Polished and we came up with the idea to do a swap.  I do love a good swap.

Polyjuice Potion is a stunning deep brown with green shimmer and various glitters.  Application was fantastic and it only took two coats for full coverage.  This color so made me think of Fall and mud.  It's kind of a muddy color, but it fits the name perfectly.  Every description of Polyjuice Potion I've ever read describes it as being muddy and not very pretty. This polish on the other hand takes the ugliness of Polyjuice Potion and makes it gorgeous.

I so want to drink this color. For all the recipes for butterbeer I have, I've never tried one. I love the concept of a butterscotch colored polish. It's warm but neutral and that shimmer in perfect.  I did notice a few pigment clumps in this polish, but nothing that you can't work with.  Butterbeer was opaque in three thin coats, and is a perfect neutral for fall.

I can't resist a gorgeous pink tinted red shimmery jelly polish, and Fiendfyre is just that. In the words of Elizabeth, "Fiendfyre is an incredibly dangerous spell, creating unquenchable flames strong enough to destroy even a Horcrux!" I have to say, this color would be great all through fall and into winter, I can so see this as a great Christmas polish. I have a thing where I like to wear red polish a lot during the month of December, and this might be a contender for this year.

This was the color that drew me to the collection.  I was immediately sucked into it's shimmery color shifting depths, which fits the name perfectly.  Veritaserum is of course truth serum, and can make anyone spill they're deepest and darkest secrets.  I used two coats over a plummy purple creme and loved the look.  I think this color would transform any dark color.  The main shifts in this polish are from blue to purple, but there is a bit of pink as well.  Application was great, and the name is perfect.

Another great fall neutral that leans towards orange and has pink shimmer.  Not that you can see it in my photos, this polish didn't want to cooperate with my camera.  I hate when that happens.  Pumpkin Juice is another color that looks like the thing it's inspired by.  I used three thin coats to get full coverage, and love the shimmer in this polish.

Lastly, we have what is probably my favorite polish of the collection. No photo can capture the gorgeousness of this color.  It's an acid green with shimmer that shifts from green to yellow, and even to pink.  Acid Pops is the perfect acid green color.  I would normally avoid this kind of color because it leans to far on the yellow side of things, but this was great.  It was a bit sheer even in three coats, but it would look amazing over white.  For all the polishes I have, I don't have a single plain white creme polish.

Overall, I think this collection is a great fall and Halloween collection that everyone needs in their lives.  There's a little something for everyone.  Each of these polishes are 7.50 plus a little for shipping and will only  be listed until the end of October.

You can find Not Too Polished on Facebook and Etsy

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes in a swap and all opinions are my own.

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