Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gothic Gala Lacquers Welcome to the Ball

*Won in a Giveaway

Today I have a review of a rather new polish maker called Gothic Gala Lacquers.  I was lucky enough to be the 100th like on her Facebook page and won a complete set of her first collection. I hadn't seen very much about her first collection.  When I received these they were pretty much a surprise, and what a surprise they were...

Welcome to the Ball is a dark base with all sorts of holographic glitters and even some linear holographic awesomeness. It was hard to capture the linear holo on my camera. Partly because I didn't see it right away and partly because it was extremely cloudy when I photographed Welcome to the Ball. Application was great and only took 2 coats for full opacity, and was surprisingly smooth even without top coat.

Sinderella's Slipper is a glitter topper that really pops over grey. I was searching for a color to use it over and grey just popped into my head.  I then saw Accio Lacquer's post and saw she did the same thing.  Great minds think alike and all.  Sinderella's Slipper has red holo hearts, black hearts, and a myriad of smaller red and black glitters.  I used three coats over China Glaze's Immortal.  I know Immortal has some shimmer, but overall it didn't even show up.  Application was a bit sparse and took three coats to get any hearts on my nails.

Lolita's Gown is a gorgeous shimmery purple with added glittery pops.  I saw this polish and immediately fell in love with it. Sadly, application wasn't as great as I thought it would be.  It was a bit sheer and took three coats for full coverage, but the glitters were sparse.  I wish there had been more glitter and more pigment, if that had been the case, you have have to tie me down to get this color off my nails. 

Overall, all three polishes were great and I can't wait to see what else she has in store.  I've been seeing more of her posts on Facebook and there seems to be a Star Trek themed collection in the works.  I'm pretty excited about that as well.  I just hope it's around after my no buy is over. 

You can find Gothic Gala Lacquers on Facebook and Etsy

Disclaimer: I won these by being the 100th like on Gothic Gala's Facebook page.  I am honored to review these and all opinions are my own.

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