Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling a bit Glitzy

On this dreary warmer than usual day I feel the need to wear something with extra sparkle.  I chose Glitzology's Snow Day.  I love snow and I love iridescent sparkles.  It's a win win.

I took these shots a few days ago when I had sun at my disposal, when I look back on it, I should have done more than one set of swatches. It seems that we've entered a sad cloudy period right now.

This is two coats over Sacre Blurple. And look, a red glitter in the bottle.

I got this polish a couple months ago.  When I got it, the formula was a little thick.  So, after swatching it a few times I added a little thinner, and everything was great.  This polish is such a gorgeous little gem.  I can see white micro glitter, white bars, medium sized white hexes, small iridescent squares and then the pièce de résistance solorshifting shimmer.  I noticed that it went from blue to purple and in some uncapturable lights even a little pink.

I love the look of two light coats.  It looks like a blizzard on my nails.

I've ordered a few polishes from Glitzology and all of them have been the same amazing quality.  Loaded with glitter and easy to apply, even when they're a bit thick.

There, you can see some of the color shifting shimmer.

Now, for some more pictures!

Overall, this polish is pretty amazing and I think it would look even more blizzard like and even a little ethereal over white.  You can find Glitzology here. She usually have a great sale or coupon code up and running.  Like her Facebook page to get all the latest info.

Disclaimer: I bought this polish with my own money, and all opinions are my own.

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