Friday, January 18, 2013

A Dweam Wiffim a Dweam!

That's right you read it.  Dweam Wiffim a Dweam.
-First of all I would like to thank a lovely Facebook friend of mine for the name.
-Second I would like to say this might be my best collection yet.  There are so many great shades in this collection it's not even funny.
-And Third... I can't think of a third, my mind has gone blank.

It consists of 16 shades all inspired by one of my favorite movies The Princess Bride.  I hadn't thought to do a collection based on it until I caught a few minutes of it on TV. In those few minutes I came up with three polishes and it was done.

Today on the blog I'm featuring one of the 16 called Let's Get Mawwied.  A milky white packed with hexes in all sizes in all the pastel colors.

Three Coats No Undies
My camera washes out the green glitters to the point where it looks like they're not there.  In real life they're a bright celery green color, and make a great pop on the nail.  There are also super tiny baby blue hexes that at first look like bubbles.

So tell me what you think.  Do we like Let's Get Mawwied?  Find it here.

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