Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Polish Addict Holo Christmas Lights

Today, I have a lovely from an indie maker I discovered shortly after Christmas.  It's called Polish Addict and can be found here. Sadly I can't find this color anymore on here site.  It was a Christmas color, so it may have been limited edition.  But, if this color is anything to go by, her other polishes are bound to be just as amazing. The polish I bought is called Holo Christmas Lights, and looks like a string of lights. Beware this is kind of a pic heavy post.  It was sunny here for a little while, so I took full advantage.

This is the inside of my window.  Look at that Frost!
You may notice, this first picture has nothing to do with the polish.  I just wanted to show how much frost was on my window, and mention that today's high is 4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Pretty cold.

Now onto the polish pics...
Three coats over Quoth the Raven

Application was pretty good, I didn't have to fish for any glitters, but it did take three coats to get this coverage.  The formula was also a tad thick, but a few drops of thinner took care of that.  You can see all the different colors of small hexes and micro silver holo glitters.  It's really quite a stunning party of a polish. As with most glitters it dried a little lumpy, even with a coat of Seche it was still textured.  I would suggest maybe a second coat of top coat just to seal it off.

Now for more pictures...
Look at that cute label.  It goes surprisingly well with the polish. 
A touch of the claw hands.  
I had a little help while taking pictures.  My cat Oscar decided he wanted to help with the lighting.  So here's a picture that was just too cute not to put in here.

Look at those green eyes.  That's my Bubs.
Overall, this polish was a jot to work with and I think it would look great over any number of other colors.  I chose black to really make the colors pop, but I think white would look smashing as well.  I thought of trying white, but I don't have a white nail polish.  Of all the polishes I have or have made, I don't have a creme white.  I may need to remedy that.  

Obligatory Bottle Shot! Look at all those colors.

This is after two days of wearing still looking pretty good.

My manicure consists of one coat of Nailtiques formula 2 (lifesaver), two coats over Quoth the Raven found here, three coats of Polish Addict's Holo Christmas Lights, and a coat of Seche Vite ( I gave in and bought one.) 

Disclaimer: I bought this polish with my own money and the opinions I gave are my own.

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