Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail Care!

In the past I've been rather bad about nail care.  I have really weak nails (thanks dad!) and they break and tear easily.  This wasn't helped by my nervous habit of picking and tearing my nails when I'm stressed.  I used to not be able to grow my nails at all, they were always little nubs.  That is until I discovered Nailtiques formula 2.  That polish has helped my nails in so many ways, it made me want to put for an effort and try to care for them.  With that in mind, I've created a cuticle balm and oil for my Etsy store. 

I use natural ingredients where I can, and try to make them in skin and lip safe scents.  Just in case you happen to grab it and put it on your lips by mistake. I've done that with my solid perfumes and wasn't pleased with the results.  I put my balms in lip balm tubes for easy application and my oils in 5ml roller ball bottles for the same reason. 

Cuticle Balm 
Cuticle Oil

Now, about the name.  Bubby and Toot are the nicknames I have for two of my cats.  They like to "help" me while I work on polishes or perfumes.  Usually by sitting and staring at me with judgy eyes or by sneaing through my work space knocking things over  You know how cats are.  

Oscar AKA Bubby

Coco AKA Toot

My cuticle oil can be found here, and my balm can be found here

I'm no expert on nail care, but what seems to work for me is to apply this and let is set for a few minutes before rubbing it in.  I also like to use it every day.  I've been using it for about a week now and it really has made a difference.


  1. I've been obsessed with nail oil since I got back from visiting family in MI for the holidays! I may have to grab one of these soon! :)

  2. aww love your cat pictures! Oscar is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. He's my special little dude. I had always wanted a cat that would lay by me and liked to be held. He was the answer. :)